WJMC Day 1

Today was my first day of the Washington Journalism Media Conference and so far the 12 hours that I have spent here have been extremely enjoyable and kind of strange. I endured my very first flight alone from LA to Chicago and then DC. When the shuttle finally left DCA at around 1 the only thing I had in my stomach was a burrito bowl from the airport and no sleep at all. Receiving my press pass and seeing the beautiful campus has made this experience so much better. The dorms are amazing and my roommate, a senior from Kentucky, is so much fun to be around. The campus tour that took place at 3:30 really made this feel like a college visit which it is in a sense. I have completely fallen in love with the peaceful environment that is so much more different than the crowded city of Los Angeles. The city surrounding the school also looks very calm and seems rich with history. Later on that evening, I soaked so much information about journalism it made my mind content with knowledge. The speaker at dinner, Tina Rosenberg  really changed my way of thinking. She is a NY Times columnist and loves to write about social issues and different ways the world can fix them by using her newly found company, Solutions Journalism. She explained how we need to be able to write the same story in various different angles to appeal to what our audience wants to hear.

For example, currently our world is suffering from discrimination against several races as well as police brutality. Instead of journalists writing a story about how terrible this is, we should really be showing how other states and countries have overcome these obstacles.

I think I am really going to apply this to the rest of the articles I write for my school paper, The Growl, because it will really ensure a positive article as well as an interesting grabber to the students. After being awake for more than 24 hours I think that it is finally time to call it a night. Tomorrow will be a long day of sightseeing as well as Hoda Kotb!


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