Day 2!

Inspiration can generally sum up my morning which I spent in Arlington, Virginia listening to Hoda Kotb speak. She really showed how trying hard and doing whatever it takes is the way to success. Hoda drove thousands of miles for a job interview and after many rejections she finally got a “yes” in a small town. The fact that she was able to handle the sadness that comes with a rejection and still keep trying amazed me. Today I learned that whatever I want to do I can do it as long as I try my hardest to ensure that happens. With hard work and dedication everything is possible. Later on that afternoon, I visited the Newseum in D.C. for the very first time. It was amazing to see the different styles of print all over the globe and what the world interprets journalism as. This museum was extremely interesting because of all of the old newspapers and the most current ones making it easy to depict how far we have come. I also learned about how dangerous journalism can be in every single way. For example, photographing the starvation in less developed countries can produce a guilt in you. In more literal terms, you can go out of your comfort zone in order to be an eye witness and may even cost your life. All of these risks just show how spreading the news of the world is an addicting lifestyle with no end. This makes me look forward to the countless years I hope to spend chasing each and every news story. I also learned about a particular female by the name of Nellie Bly who was the first detective woman journalist. She allowed herself to be taken to an asylum in order to write a story about the terrible conditions in the mental hospital. This just shows how dedicated she was to becoming a better known writer. Later on after melting in the heat waiting for lunch, I finally saw the national monuments for the first time ever. It all seemed so surreal almost like a dream. I never have really pictured myself being in Washington DC posing in front of the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. I am now currently laying in bed after a warm shower hoping my feet get enough rest after this long and tiresome day.


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