Day 3: Speeches Galore

Tuesday, July 12th was an extremely busy day for all of the correspondents and I, listening to speakers and especially discussing our views of the political world. We first traveled to the National Geographic headquarters to listen to the Editor-in-Chief, Susan Goldberg. This was an amazing talk in which she discussed the importance that photo journalism has on the world. She also elaborated the fact that we have to keep reporting stories so that people can hear us. There are many untold stories from everywhere across the globe that deserves a voice. Ms.Goldberg also explained the 5 principles of storytelling which includes: making a difference, do what others can’t, be part of the conversation, act urgently and lastly know who you are. It is extremely essential to connect with readers and be able to please them. There are so many different news outlets that we can not be all reporting the same thing. A good journalist finds the hidden angle and takes the story a different route which sets us aside from everybody else.

After National Geographic, we drove to Buca di Beppo which was an amazing Italian restaurant. My color group (red) and I all sat together and it was the first time we have really bonded in my opinion. We looked at funny baby pictures of each other and talked about all of our lives back home. I find it so crazy how much we are all different. Some correspondents go to a school with only 30 kids per grade! Once we finished our chicken parmesan, spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo and cheesecake we were en route to the National Press Club.

At the National Press Club, we listened to the founder of C-SPAN, Brian Lamb.The  Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, is an American cable and satellite television network. He ran a Socratic seminar and asked us questions about what are our opinions on this years political campaign. I had so much fun being able to express my opinion because it is not something young teens have the chance of doing often. After this, we had a political panel consisting of Lisa Gring-Premble (George Mason Professor), Jen Bendery (White House correspondent for Huff. Post), Zach Wineburg (Google Election) and Karin Caifa (CNN reporter). They answered many of our questions about the different candidates. I also learned the importance of getting a better understanding before reporting by talking to eyewitnesses and getting a different point of view.

Later that night after we had dinner back at George Mason, we listened to the New York Times White House correspondent, Mike Shear. This has to be one of my favorite speakers because he really sparked my interest in wanting to become a White House correspondent. I am really interested in working in government, more specifically politics and I find this a perfect solution. He noted that it is very important to build your relationship with your source in order to gain their trust and learn more important details.

After the speaker, we had a color group meeting and got an insight of what we would be doing tomorrow- a newspaper simulation. We looked at brands and how to promote yourself using elevator pitches.

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