Day 5

Day five of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (July 14)  had to be one of the toughest ones yet. My roommate, Armaneu, and I woke up bright and early at 5 am so that we could shower and not feel as exhausted as normal. This trick did work and thank god because the energy was much needed. Our buses arrived at the Capitol Building at around 10 o’clock. We took a group photo in front of the building which felt like it took at least an hour. The sun was brighter than it had been all week and within a few short minutes of being outside we could already feel ourselves being intoxicated with our own sweat. After we were finally able to take the group picture and individual shots, it was every man for themselves. I decided to first tour the Capitol building since I found the structure so interesting. The tour was to begin at 10:30 which left a lot of room for other activities yet started at almost 12 in the afternoon. I went with my new found friends Cat, Allison, Maria and Karina who has from another color group. The tour first started with an educational video just explain what the Capitol building does, who its composed of, and different laws that have been passed there. After the video we followed our tour guide that took us from the visitor center to the dome. Unfortunately, the dome of the building is under construction so almost every single painting and statue was covered. The only skin that was revealed was a small part of the ceilings painting. We then left this room to one filled with statues everywhere. Karina and I were able to get some good pictures including some in front of a replica of the Declaration of Independence. This made me really wish we could go to the National Archives, however we couldn’t. Those 2 rooms were really the only ones he had access during the  tour which made me greatly regret going there in the first place. Cool thing was we were able to see Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. We were not allowed into any of the senate houses due to a meeting taking place including Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Once we left the Capitol building and snapped some more shots, Karina and I made our way to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. My  new friend and I were amazed with all of the fossils, mammals and gems that were stored in the exhibits. We were only able to stay for about an hour or so since we had to meet the whole group at 2:30 at the quite far, Air and Space Museum. We walked back outside in the scorching heat and found the best opportunity to avoid heat stroke. A bike tour! Karina and I sat on a bench connected to a bike holding an umbrella so that we would not have to walk all the way to the groups meeting spot. On our way we passed by the National Archives building along with quite a few Starbucks all while enjoying the beautiful breeze and avoiding the heat! Once we got to the Air and Space Museum we looked around the first floor when we decided it was necessary to put some food into our stomachs. We went to McDonalds since it was the only place there, finished our food and snapped some more shots of the beautiful museum. Old planes and helicopters were hung from the ceilings and we even were able to see some older nuclear missiles. We met with our group and parted ways with the beautiful Capitol Hill. I really wish we were able to spend some more time so that we could go to more of the museums that filled the area. Once we arrived back to George Mason, we had about 2 hours to get ready for the gala that night. I did my makeup and put on a beautiful dress my grandma Miriam bought me for the event. My feet were killing me but I still sported my favorite nude Steve Madden heels. At the gala, which took place at the Westfield Marriot in Virginia, we had a blast with our group. We ate a dinner filled with bread, salad, chicken and chocolate cake. After the delicious meal we listened to music and some danced but we did everything together as a group- the red group. The people in my group are such amazing and diverse individuals that I never expected to get so close to. Once we arrived back on campus, we spent the short time we have before bed check, playing never have I ever. My roommate and I packed our luggages ate leftover pizza and had a very fun night together- we knew it would be the last.

Till next time,




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